november 11th 2008


So I uploaded my own pictures to Flickr. It's actually a really easy, nice looking site
It keeps the images at a nice size and quality, and allows for quick and easy thumbnails
I uploaded 132 pictures out of about 400. The ones I didn't upload were because they were either too blurry, or duplicates
They came out surprisingly decent. There are THREE sets: One from Halloween Night, the next morning, and one from 3 days later
Check them ALL out! Each set was taking during different lighting and/or weather
If you don't like Flickr, the best pictures are ALSO HERE(or will be very soon)
Also, I just looked at my bank statements...I debitted $609 on Halloween related merchandise this year
Not to mention the at least $75 I spent at the thrift store, plus any cash purchases I made (roughly around $100)
WOO for spending roughly $$$A GRAND$$$ on decorations!!

november 2nd 2008

Hey everyone! Its over! :( My favorite holiday of the year is over. Boooo
So I accidently lied when I posted pictures Halloween morning saying i was "90% done"
It was more like "I'm only 10% done." Woops! I forgot how much stuff I have, and how detailed I get
There were a bunch of things I bought this year that I didn't even put out! I forgot and was rushing! Lame!
I'm a little disappointed with the turn out. I texted about 30 people in the morning, only ONE showed up
NO ONE mentioned anything about the flyers I made. So that was a TOTAL failure!
One or two people who drove by said the bloody arrow sign I put at the end of the street lured them in. Thats cool!
But total, maybe 50 people saw it. Mostly my neighbors
We got rid of 35 out of 40 of our goodie bags. Not bad. Every year we get a couple more kids
Dustin and I dressed up as zombie Bam Bam and Pebbles from the Flinstones,
and Dustin scared the crap out of a group of young girls. It was hysterical
And until next year...

october 31st 2008

The Day is upon us!!!!! 90% of my front lawn is decorated
There are still more things I need to do in the morning, and when I get out of work
But here are some pictures of what I accomplished today
Just a...tiny...taste...

I got several of these costumes from my job, Hot Topic. I like them a lot!

Just wait til there are zombies on those poles. Oh yea, also blood!

Made this guy today...

And then made him look like this!!!!!
Putting a spray nozzle on the 'bottle of blood' was a GREAT idea!!!!

Satan showed up!!!

october 29th 2008

!!!!!TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!!
Still finishing up some dummies, and gonna need to go get more newspaper tonight!

As you can see, I changed the mask on my "Ground Breaker"

And heres a pic of the completed front lawn graveyard!

I decided to put ONE of the business men zombies out for now
Tommorrow, and Friday the rest go out


october 19th 2008

the business men zombies are finished! got 5 bad-ass looking suit-zombies

yes i know they need shoes.

october 15th 2008

Today I ran into my biggest problem. I tried preparing for this by saving my houses own for the past MONTH, but it was only enough for like 4 dummies, So today and tonight I ran around town between 7 and midnight collecting newspapers from gas stations and supermarkets.

at the end of every day, places that sell newspapers throw the left overs away, and mail back the front page for a "credit".
knowing this, i used my friendly attitude to pursuade local gas stations and supermarkets to let me have em.
these are the most important parts! the stuffing! more important than the suits, the masks, or the gloves. thanks to all the stores that chipped in!

october 12th 2008

the Lehman Brothers are done!!!!!!!

the one on the right is my personal favorite. i bought the mask this year at party city. $25 well spent

october 7th 2008

heres all the awesome suits i got at the st. margarets thrift store all laid out and coordinated.
i spent less than $60 total for 5 jackets, 8 pairs of pants, 3 undershirts and a hat! amazing!

october 1st 2008