Gatto Lane isn't so much a 'Haunted House' as it is a 'Haunted Scene'

I've been collecting Halloween props for the past decade, and every year I get more and more into it

It all started years ago with 2 tombstones: The "R.I.P. Jack the Ripper" and "Here Lies Houdini, will he Rise?" ones that my dad made in about 1992. A couple years later, they, and a couple other cheap halloween decotations were stolen off my lawn in the middle of the night by some crazy old lady who put them (along with every other holidays festival decorations) on her front lawn year round. Years later the police recovered the evidence and we got it back. Those 2 tombstones still sit out there today and are a reminder of why I save most of the good stuff for Halloween Day

In the weeks approaching Halloween, I spend all my free time stuffing mine, my dads, and other random peoples clothes with newspaper, making life sized dummies. I've been collecting masks for years, and buy a couple more each year. Gloves and masks and shoes add a much more genuine feel to the zombies.

THIS YEARS theme is Wall St. and our collapsing economy. I figured instead of withdrawing all my money, and being part of the problem, that I'd spend it on more decorations and joke about it!

The Lehman Brothers will be coming back from the dead to feast upon those who ran their company into the ground. Specifically, Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac. Lets not forget about Merril Lynch! She wants a piece of the action!

Like last year, the flesh-craving feeling will be overwhelmingly present as all the dummies/zombies feast on severed limbs all over my front lawn

ON Halloween Day, I will place raw meat, (sausage, ground beef, pig intestines, pretty much anything gross looking I can get my hands on) ketchup, and tons and tons of fake blood everywhere to create a really gruesome blood & guts, gore vibe

So come by ON Halloween Day for a delicious goody bag full of candy, and a fright and flesh fest that you will NEVER forget!!!


-Chris Arturi