I was Tigger in 2006. Yes, this is a costume made for a child
I sliced it in half and put on both ends. It worked fine!

Me (Pooh Bear), my roomates, and some friends in 2005
Yes thats Buzz Lightyear. Yes that too, is a childs costume

We were poor in 2004, so we printed celebrity faces, and put them on cardboard
From left to right: Me as Mel Gibson from Braveheart, Richard Law as DMX, Lawrence Burns as Russel Crowe, and Kyle McCullough as Steven Segal
Halloween 2004

A GOREFEST I made in our basement for a project in 2005

I HATE ketchup! With a passion! This was therapeudic

My awesome cat Beeltejuice on Halloween 2007

My best friend Julia in Philadelphia on New Years 2006

Myself, and my co-workers Carly, Dan and Angie on Sunday the 26th 2008

Thats me in 8th grade. 1999. I won first place along with Toilet Paper Man, and Cruella Deville. They gave us Dave and Busters T-Shirts. Which means all the teachers got wasted at D&B one night, played some games, and used the credit they got to buy prizes for the Halloween contest at school

Apparently I was a clown in 1989. Not fair. Glad I cant remember this

Ninja Turtle in 1990

My favorite Ninja Turtle was always Raph

I was Raph again in 1991. And obviously angry with my cousin Matt for chosing the same exact Ninja Turtle

Me as a Ninja in 1992

The beginning of the decorations!


1994...I think