I've got to thank a few people...

My amazing girlfriend Dustin for loving gore as much as I do, her helpful ideas, and for putting up with being dragged around to every halloween store in town <3

My Dad for making the tombstones

My Mom for writing on the tombstones, and taking care of the non-bloody decorations

Pathmark, Stop & Shop, and countless local gas stations in Pearl River and Nanuet for supplying me with tons and tons of newspapers

NOT Shoprite, since they wouldn't give me ANY newspapers, even though I know they only get a "credit" for returning the front page, which I volunteered to save for them

Party City, and House of Horror Halloween stores in Nanuet on Route 59. The ones in the Palisades Mall suck this year but...

The Halloween store in the Palisades Mall by IMAX for letting me put up a flyer
(the one on the 3rd floor where CVS used to be WOULDN'T let me put one up)

CVS in Pearl River for countless decorations and masks

St. Margarets Thrift store in Pearl River and its lovely old lady employees who cut me an AWESOME $50 deal for the 5 or so suits I got

GoDaddy for hosting my site, and actually having www.gattolane.com available!!

7/11 for donating SO MANY newspapers on one night! They seriously gave me like 100, and said come back any night for more! awesome!

My co-worker Dan for suggesting the 7/11 idea

Kreyg of Hot Blooded Gaming for helping advertise my site on his show