November 5th 2009

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up this year! It was without a doubt, the best year ever!
There are 3 sets of pictures on a flickr account I made for this years pictures
Out of all the flickr pictures, my favorites are here
Due to the rain, I couldn't put 100% of the gore out until the day after, which is what I did for all the pictures
One set was taken by my coworker Carly Monday night
It's so good to have friends who have awesome digital cameras and the skills to actually use them. Thanks again Carly!
Theres also a set taken by my mom on Monday during the day
And then theres the pictures I took Sunday night, and today during the day right before I started taking everything down
If you were there, or even if you weren't, leave a comment

Man, I used a lot of fake blood & kethup this year. More than ever. 5 bottles of blood, and 2 bottles of ketchup!

Me and my best friend Julia dressed up as Lydia and Beetlejuice and it worked out so well!
Heres my facebook photo album devoted to Halloween night

...and just wait 'til next year

October 27th 2009

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check out last years pictures

i think we made enough goody bags, don't you? just in case, we have twice as much more backup
these goodies are probably the best arrangement of awesome candy possible
the baby reigns supreme

LOL a little messed up? yea...i think so :)

October 22nd 2009

October 15th 2009

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finished this years advertisements, bought tons more outfits from thrift stores, and made a bunch of new dummies

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September 17th 2009

this is going to be the best year ever

check out last years pictures