Gatto Lane isn't so much a 'Haunted House' as it is a 'Haunted Scene'

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Tell everyone you know! Bring your friends! Tricks and treats for all!

This is an all ages event ON Halloween day. Fun for families to bring kids to. Completely FREE. Goody bags will be served to anyone who shows up. Pictures can, and will be taken. It is located on the border of NY and NJ in Pearl River NY. Approximately 10-20 minutes from any surrounding town in Rockland county or North Jersey.

I've been collecting Halloween props for the past decade, and every year I get more and more involved. It all started around 1992 when my dad made 2 tombstones: "R.I.P. Jack the Ripper" and "Here Lies Houdini, will he Rise?" A couple years later, they, and a couple other cheap halloween decotations were stolen off my lawn in the middle of the night by some crazy old lady who put them (along with every other holidays lawn decorations) on her front lawn all year round. Years later the police recovered the evidence and we got it back. Those 2 tombstones still sit out there today and are a reminder of why I save most of the good stuff for Halloween Day.

In the weeks approaching Halloween, I spend all my free time stuffing mine, my dads, and other random peoples clothes with newspaper, making life sized dummies. This year I'm encouraging anyone who wants to make, contribute, or arrange outfits for the zombies to wear to do so as soon as possible. I've already spent over $300 and its mid-September. Last year I spent close to $1000. My original maximum was $200, but clearly i've exceeded it already. Hopefully I wont exceed $500.

THIS YEARS theme is Thriller. Thats right. Michael Jackson himself will be making an appearance. And considering Halloween is on a Saturday this year, bring everyone you know! Tell everyone you know! It's going to be an all day, all night Halloween extravaganza!

There will be approximately 20 life like dummies scattered around the yard this year and on Halloween Day, I will place raw meat, (sausage, ground beef, pretty much anything gross looking I can get my hands on) ketchup, and tons of fake blood everywhere to create a really horrifying sight. It's going to be a gore-fest.

So stop by ON Halloween Day for a KILLER party!!!


-Chris Arturi

PS: to all my friends: There will be an awesome Halloween themed party in my backyard. $5 all you can eat candy, food & drink. Costumes REQUIRED. All night Saturday. Don't bring strangers or scumbags.