I couldn't do all of this alone...

Rachel B for ideas and a bunch of awesome clothes

My mom for cooking tons of delicious treats for the party and making the best goody bags on Earth

My dad for making more wooden spokes to support the dummies

Spirit Halloween in the Palisades Center for letting me put up flyers (even tho the mall prohibits that)

Halloween Scene in the Palisades Center for letting me put up flyers (even tho I didn't spend a penny there this year)

Jackie for making delicious orange slice jello shots for the party

Antioch Thrift store in Pearl River and the Goodwill Store in Nanuet for countless, cheap outfits

Party City for being total and complete douchebags about letting me put up ONE flyer. Guess I'll never patronize them again after the DM hung up on me and the owner said "I don't give a f***" when I told him to stop yelling at me on the phone. All I was asking was why Nyack street parade could put up a sign and I couldn't. Apparently they didn't have an honest answer, and took the angry, authoritatively abusive route. Way to represent your company in the highest manner, morons

My best friend Julia for clothes, helping make dummies and setting stuff up
"Christopher, we've brought new meaning to the term 'making friends'"